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- Place 10 dummies in a 4:4:2 formation
- 10 field players in their own position
- Balls in the center circle

- Players play a free pass form within certain conditions
- An example of the conditions is: start on the left, end on the right with a...
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- 8 players per organization
- Six players in a hexagon without a ball
- Two players with ball in the middle

- Player 1 and 2 both play the ball to any red player in the hexagon
- Then they ask for the other ball and play it again to another ran...
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- Mark out three squares adjacent to each other (so that a triangle is formed in the middle)
- One dummy on the corners of the triangle
- Four teams of 5 players: three teams in one square
- The fourth, defending team has two defenders in a box and a player near the dumm...
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- 16 players divided into two teams
- For the starting positions, see the drawing
- Player 1 starts with the ball in both teams

- Player 1 plays the ball in the course of player 2 and runs around player 2
- Player 2 plays to player 3, player 3 drops t...
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- Two teams
- 1 big goal, 1 player from blue on the big goal, 1 player from yellow in front of the big goal
- Other players with a ball on the side

- Yellow player 2 crosses to yellow player 1. Yellow player 1 tries to score with a maximum of 1 hit
- ...
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