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- Set out a narrow field
- Players divide themselves over two sides
- On the short side at the bottom, the players are in pairs, of which 1 player with ball; on the other short side are players without the ball
- Trainer in the field

- Player 1 p...
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- Two squares
- Two small goals in the middle (backs to each other)
- Two big goals with keepers
- Three positions with coaches (or players) with enough balls

- Blue is the defending team in the first series
- Yellow starts with the ball
- I...
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- Minimum 4-5 players per organization
- A small goal

- Player 2 & 3 are in the field at the indicated positions, player 1 starts with the ball
- Player 1 plays the ball to player 2, player 2 returns the ball to player 1
- Player 1 plays to play...
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- A playing field with 2 big goals on the short sides and 4 small goals on the long sides
- Two teams
- Balls at the trainers & balls in the big goals

- The yellow team tries to score on the small goals, the blue team can score on the big goals
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- Set out a square
- 4 goals diagonally in the corners of the square, just outside the field
- Two teams of 7 players
- 8 neutral players: 2 players on each backline, 1 player on both sidelines and 2 players in the field

- We play a positioning ...
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