Soccer passing drills in 7 different shapes

If you are looking for variations of soccer passings drills for your training session, there are a lot of possibilities. In this article we cover several shapes you can use to offer your players new and challenging soccer passing drills every training session.

The first shape is the shape I covered in my last article, the Y-shaped passing exercise. This is one of the most popular soccer drills for improving passing.

Y shape passing drill Basic
The second shape is passing using a square. It is very easy to set up and you can start very quickly. Some coaches claim that you shouldn’t play too many straight passes, but it is still a very good soccer passing drill.

Soccer passing drills in a square

To avoid passing straight, you can use the triangle for one of your soccer passing drills. Below is an exercise which is done a lot by Louis van Gaal of Manchester United. This exercise is also still performed by the Dutch National team, even now Guus Hiddink is the new coach.

Soccer passing drills in a triangle

If you make the square longer on one side, you will get a rectangle, as shown in the diagram below. In the drill shown below we use two passes of about the same length, but you can position the center player closer or further away to match the style you play in.

Soccer passing drills in a rectangle

Using circles as one of your soccer passing drills is possible too. In the diagram below I give a possibility to use the circle as the shape for your drill. Please make sure you have enough players for this passing drill, because otherwise players will spend too much time waiting for the next ball.

Soccer passing drills in a circle

The final soccer passing drill in this article is maybe the most basic one, but it is very easy to set up and perfect for using as the first passing drill of your session. Of course there are several variations to this drill possible as well.
Soccer passing drills in a line

More soccer passing drills

In this article I gave you several shapes to use as one of your soccer passing drills.
Because each shape can again be done in several varations, so this will give you tens of new soccer passing drills.

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