Possession game 3 versus 1 in 3 variations

Most soccer coaches will know the possession game 3 versus 1. In this session 3 players try to keep possession of the ball under pressure of 1 defender.


Most of the times, the players on the outside are static, although on this video you see a good example how good support should be done:

But sometimes your team might have trouble to assist their teammates. Then it is a good idea to add a square in the middle where the players have to play around. This way, when the player who does not receive the ball has to run to the open space, to give the player who gets the ball always two possibilities:


Finally, to keep the defender aggressive, you can do the variation below. In this variation you have 3 defenders who take turns being the defender. This way you always have fresh defenders who really have a motivation to win the ball quickly (because then they it’s the turn for the next defender)


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