How to avoid waiting time in your soccer shooting drills

I think most soccer coaches have seen the soccer shooting drill which is shown below in a training session. All players have a ball, they pass the ball to a player in front of the goal, they get the ball back and can shoot on goal. They collect their ball and get back in line and have to wait about 2-4 minutes for their next turn.

Clearly, waiting times like this is not something you want to see in your soccer drills. But, on the other hand, every player likes shooting drills, so you want them to your session. In this article I will give you some ideas to deal with larger number of players in your shooting drills.

This is not something you want to see in your soccer shooting drills

The first important tip is that in the exercise above, you – as a soccer coach – can never be the blue player, because the blue player is getting the most touches of all people on the field. You want to improve your players (and not yourself), therefore the blue player has to be a player. Of course it is a good idea to swap the blue player every 2-3 minutes.

Dribbling through cones
To avoid waiting time, you can put cones in the way as shown in the diagram above. Instead of just collecting the ball and get back in line you tell players to dribble as fast as they can through the cones as possible. This way you also improve the dribbling skills of your players. It is important to challenge players in the dribbling, because otherwise the dribbling has no effect.

Two goal shooting
If you have the luxury of having 2 (or more’ goals, you can add another goal to split the group. If you don’t have 2 goalkeepers, it is no problem to put a player on goal and switch that player regularly. After shooting twice on the left goal, you go to the right goal and the other way around. This way every player will shoot twice as much as the original situation.

Possession game
Another possibility to avoid waiting times is to split the group in 2 and let the other group perform a simple drill. In this diagram a number of players play a possession game (e.g. 4 versus 1 in the diagram above) and the other players are performing the soccer shooting drills. After a set time the groups swap.

More passes before shooting
In the drill above we have changed the shooting drill a bit. We added 2 extra cones and have put 2 players at each cone. The first ball is played as in the diagram above and all players move up one position. While the first ball is still in play, we already start with the second ball. We can continue quickly, because at every cone there are 2 players. In this drill players won´t shoot more than in the original drill, but they will not have to wait in line all the time.

I hope that with this article I have given you some ideas to avoid waiting time in your soccer shooting drills. Especially with soccer shooting drills it is good to pay attention to it. Of course, there are a lot more possibilities.

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